May 17 and May 18, 2007

Subtitle: When you see the flashing lights at the end of the tunnel,
it's probably the beginning of a migraine.

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Today's Basic Diary

Tile is finished and the carpet beside the tile is retacked.

New tree is in. It's not nearly as large as the old tree. This one requires a stake, and the other was plenty large enough to not need a stake. Mess in yard at the new tree, including totally messed up grass atop piles of dirt.

I got the kitchen floor mopped to try to get off the rest of the grout detritus.

Conan picked up the dogs, who had been boarded for about ten days. He took them in the backyard. They proceeded to "do their business" in the yard. The lawn was wet. They tracked dirt across the floor when they came inside. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I remopped the floor and "suggested" Conan either take the dogs through the garage to the backyard or mop the floor every time he brings them in. Ideally, I'd like to put a door in Conan's office, so they'd have easy access to the backyard.

Monday, Conan's office will be painted. We have to wait for two weeks for the grout to cure, and then have the grout sealed. The dogs will be living in the garage until several days after the sealing. Let's hope it doesn't get too hot between now and then.

The landscaper still has to come back to soak the grass area and roll it flat. After they do it, we won't be able to walk on it for two weeks.

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Tile being grouted and wiped down. It was rather interesting to watch. They have to wipe it down really fast before it starts to set. The two guys doing it worked really hard. They had to wipe it down several times.
grout being wiped
Kitchen floor. When the Warranty Supervisor was here today, he commented on how the new tile enhances the look of the kitchen cabinets. I have to agree with him. I think it's cool how the tile looks brown in the photo above this one, looks blue in this one, and looks more black in the next photo.
Kitchen looking towards front door. Nora's and Ruthie's works of art are on the wall.
New Tree. It seems to be less than half the size of the other one, although it may be as tall. At least it has leaves on it! They had a really hard time getting it to the backyard.
Dirt is 4-5 inches higher than the rest of the lawn. The sod is kind of just tossed on top of it.