May 8 through May 12, 2007

Subtitle: It's time to "Send in the Clowns."

This song title refers to a phrase reputedly used in a circus
when an unforeseen disaster had occurred,
with the clowns being sent in
to distract the audience from the problem.
(I was going to embed the song here, but opted to spare y'all the agony.)

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Today's Basic Diary

Stuff was moved off the tiles and out of Conan's office. Dogs were boarded. Commode was removed. All areas were taped off with plastic, so that dust wouldn't get on everything. Tile was removed. Yard is almost finished.

The only SNAFUs are:

Some plants aren't spaced evenly and some are too close to the fence. That is fairly easily remedied. Some of the rocks got spilled into the grass. Those rocks are mostly pulverized, so I'm not sure how they'll clean it up, but it has to be done. The only other things to be done are to soak the yard and roller it to make it completely level, which is the last thing that will be done; to put the good soil into the veggie garden; to make sure the largest tree is actually recovering and producing new growth--if not, they'll replace it.

The demolition crew jackhammered holes in the floor as well as removing the tile. We won't be able to get the tile laid on Monday and Tuesday since they first have to fill the holes and wait for 24 hours for the cement to dry. I'm not actually sure how long it has to dry, though. I think Mike said one day, but it could even be longer than that.

They turned off our gas, but nobody told us. Our water was off for a while one day. The dust is incredible. They'll send in house cleaners after the construction is complete. We had this done when they replaced our upstairs floors, and it's a great service. They clean on top of everything--in places I certainly can't reach.

Before the commode gets put back, I'd like to get those two walls painted while they're easily accessible.

After everything is done, I'll be inviting everyone I know to come help put stuff away. heh. So, be prepared!

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Furniture moved to living room -- really packed high.
furniture moved into living room
furniture moved into living room
Commode removed. Wall to be painted.
commode removed
Carpet ripped out of Conan's office. I didn't realize it 'til all the junk was moved out, but this room is H.U.G.E.
carpet ripped out of Conan's office
Crack in the floor of Conan's office. They promise me the foundation is structurally sound.
crack in the cement in Conan's office
Plastic taped to the ceiling in the family room. The table was moved into the family room, and the plastic was dropped to cover everything when the demolition crew arrived.
plastic on ceiling between kitchen and family room
Kitchen taped off and stuff on top of the cabinets laid down so it doesn't get knocked over or off.
kitchen plastic
Speaking of large rooms, this is a view from kitchen to family room
view from kitchen to family room
Gravel added alongside walkway
gravel alongside walkway
Plants and gravel added to backyard
plants and gravel added to backyard
Plants are lovely, but the center one needs to be moved to the right.
plants with one off-center
Pygmy Palms, plants and Queen Palms added to pool area
Pygmy Palms, plants and Queen Palms added to pool area
Pretty Pygmy Date Palms behind the pool waterfall
Palms and Plants around waterfall
Southern edge of yard with pool backwash pit almost complete. It still needs to be covered with plastic and to have white rock put on top.
pool backwash pit almost ready
This totally cracked me up. I have NO idea how the beachball got through all of the pump plumbing to get lodged into it.
beachball lodged into pump
Cement ripped out. View from back of house towards front. Note the jackhammer "divots."
jackhammer divots in floor

Kitchen floor with more areas that need to have cement filling.

For any of you who remember my move from Orange, you'll get a kick out of this one. For those of you who don't, I'll explain. Joe Swart and I had been sharing rent in a duplex in Orange. When I moved, Joe had almost completed moving in with his girlfriend. Joe and some of my friends moved my stuff. Joe wanted to make sure my friends got it all. Rather than mark or take the three remaining items that still belonged to Joe, Joe took a can of fluorescent green spraypaint and sprayed EVERYTHING I OWNED. If something was upholstered, he'd hold a 3" square piece of paper on top of it and spray the paper, all the while overspraying onto the fabric. I have an antique desk with the inside of the drawers painted. He painted the front of the can opener and toaster. I have framed artwork with green paint on the front of the frame, unframed artwork with fluorescent green paint on the back. When my friend got back to where I was, the first thing he said was, "Does this guy HATE you?" heh. Joe was well-intentioned, but it was determined there was a disconnect between his heart and his brain. To this day, we are still finding green spots we had missed.

When I saw the green paint on the floor, I busted a gut. I didn't know Joe had been here before we were!
mutilated kitchen floor

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