May 13 through May 15, 2007

Subtitle: If you don't have time to do it right the first time,
how will you find the time to do it again?

Answer: Installers aren't the same people who perform the redo.

First Conclusion: Installers have no pride in their work and
don't care as long as they can say the job is done.

Possible Solution: Have the repair crew do the install.

Rebuttal #1: That would be great if the repair crew were competent.

Reality: Nobody cares enough to do a job right the first time,
or the second time, or the third time. The only way it may be done correctly is
if the homeowner is standing over them and supervising every step of the job.

Rebuttal #2: But that won't work, either, if the homeowner isn't
well versed in construction specs.

Only Real Solution: The homeowner must be proficient in every phase of
construction (so much so that they could be inspectors for the Registrar of Contractors)
and be present to oversee every task on an hourly basis.

Is that REALLY a Solution: Not unless you are also fluent in Spanish, 'cause it
does no good to tell them exactly what has to be done if they don't speak English.

(And don't get me started on all the basic issues that were wrong
with the swimming pool construction.)

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Today's Basic Diary

Today was a battle of the trades.

The tilers were ticked 'cause they lost all of yesterday because the floor wasn't level. They were even more ticked today because the floors still weren't level. It's not their job to level the cement. They were less than thrilled to have to supervise the cement crew. Even after the cement guys ground down the cement, a level showed the spots weren't ground down enough. Our warranty guy took the flak from the tilers. He discovered that one of the cement grinder's tools wasn't working right. So that man was spending a lot of time getting nowhere. (And he didn't let his supervisors know, why?) They had to call in another crew who had working equipment. Another half day needlessly lost for the tilers. It's a good thing the tilers were the foremen today. They wouldn't let the cement grinders leave until the floor was actually level.

Plants were moved. Sprinklers were adjusted. A new tree will be here on Friday. The pulverized rock will be removed from the grass area, and the grass area will be leveled. (I'm beginning to get a complex about things being level. I'm feeling rather unbalanced -- quit laughing). No photos of the outside today, though, 'cause I've been kinda trapped upstairs. Some of the tiles are dry enough to walk on now.

It's apparent Conan's office has never been completely painted. So, they will call in painters to paint it. I closed my office door the other day to keep out some of the jackhammer noise and found the back of the door hadn't been painted. I'm now assuming all the doors haven't been painted except for the one that has been replaced 'cause it had a hole in it.

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Today, I am wearing one of my favorite t-shirts! It's a good thing I'm on blood pressure meds!
t-shirt photo
Tile -- view from the stairway to the kitchen.
tile from stairway to kitchen
Tile -- view from the kitchen towards front door. They put tiles on top of the dry ones so that we know where we can walk.
tile from kitchen to front door
Uh. What genius forgot to pull out the stove and refrigerator? This means next week after the current tile is set they'll have to pull out the stove and refrigerator to complete the tile job. We have been without a stove for five days already. Mike's going to have a coronary when I tell him about it.
refrigerator trapped behind tile

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